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Rosanna Arkle puts her best features forward for Yume

07.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

For many a movie/fantasy epic geeks, New Zealand is Middle-earth. So much so, the island country could officially change its name to Middle-earth, the capital's name from Wellington to Hobbiton, and even opponents to such a drastic change would have to admit it makes all the sense in the world. If Tolkien was as gifted in his prognostications as he was with linguistics, he would've known the terrain of New Zealand would better represent his fantasy realm better than Europe; it would also change the story drastically. Had he been familiar enough with New Zealand to know of it's beffiting setting, he would have also known about the kind of women who inhabit it, transforming Middle-earth from – as it stands – a sausage factory, into a land inhabited with bootyful she-elfs and Ent-wives with big, bark covered boobs. If the dwarf women looked half as fine as Kiwi babe Rosanna Arkle, that would explain why the line of Durin goes back further than recorded history. And instead of mining for precious gems, they'd spend an age smoothing over the highest peaks of the Misty Mountains to look like her awesome ass.

Source: YUME


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