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Ronda Rousey gives us a preview of her 2016 SI swimsuit spread

01.06.2016by: Droz

A lot of folks who saw Ronda Rousey get her ass whooped in that UFC fight against Holly Holm just assumed this was her inevitable comeuppance and the harsh unveiling of a overblown paper champion. A little premature to count her out. Holly was the most competent opponent Ronda has yet faced and Ronda was clearly not prepared to handle her. Could be a different story should there be a rematch between those two. She doesn't look like the sort to make the same mistake twice.

For now though, Ronda's doing a 180 from UFC ugliness and opting for some swimsuit hotness. Ronda's going to be in the 2016 edition of SI's beloved swimsuit edition and, if this pic can be believed, taking part in their celebrated body paint spreads. By the looks of things, Ronda actually had to spread for her spread. Imagine being the lucky airbrush artist who got to pull apart Ronda's ass cheeks to get that paint deep enough to look like an authentic swimsuit. Surely one of those "they're actually paying me for this" moments.

Source: Superior Pics


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