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Ronda Rousey dominated in every way for her latest fight

08.03.2015by: Droz

Ronda Rousey had her big fight against fellow UFC fighter Bethe Correia this weekend. If you didn't get a chance to see the fight, that's okay. Here's the entirety of it, lasting all of around 30 seconds.

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You know someone dominates in their sport when a typical match fits comfortably into a modest gif. Ronda now has a 12-0 record. In total, her last 3 or 4 fights have lasted about as long as the average guy who spanks it to one of her bikini spreads. I'm sure by now most fight fans go into her matches with the understanding that they're not going to get a long, drawn out experience. Ronda comes at them hard and fast and puts them down without much trouble. This particular fight was a little personal for her though. Her opponent did a lot of trash talking before the match, trying to psyche Ronda out. She even advised her to kill herself rather than risk the fight, which probably rubbed Ronda the wrong way since her dad committed suicide when Ronda was 8. Bethe also seemed to delight in taunting Ronda by repeatedly telling her "don't cry" at the weigh in. As if Ronda looks like the sort to just burst into uncontrollable tears. Ronda got the last word in though, as you can see there at the end where she slips in a little "don't cry" of her own. Getting put down by Ronda is probably good reason to cry.

No matter the circumstances of the fight, it was always pretty clear that Ronda was going to dominate in the looks category here. This might be one of the few occasions when a fighter could be mistaken for a ring girl at the weigh in. Bethe is much more what I might expect a UFC fighter to look, namely kind of scary and not so pretty. Ronda is more like a really buff movie star, which may be why she's going to star in the movie version of her autobiography pretty soon, not to mention a few other films. I guess beating the shit out of women is getting boring for her. Perhaps beating up on some stuntmen will present more of a challenge.


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