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Romance in Threes?

11.27.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Evan Rachel Wood broke up with Marilyn Manson earlier this month, supposedly sick of his dominating ways. Ever since then, rumours have plagued her that it was possible she could be dating her co-star from THE WRESTLER, Mickey Rourke. Evan has been insisting that it isn't true and that the two of them are just friends.

It now appears that the actress is paying more than just lip service to dispel the talk, including being seen in public canoodling with fellow 3 monikered actor Joseph Gordan-Levitt. At least there's less of an age difference between the two, with Levitt weighing in at 27 to Manson's 39. (Wood recently turned 21.) And together they might make beautiful movie scenes together. We'll have to wait and see where this one ends up.

Extra Tidbit: Hopefully Levitt can talk her back into the blonde.
Source: PR-Inside


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