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Robbie, Shayk and Steinfeld represented the best of 2016's Met Gala hotties

05.03.2016by: Droz

I've been covering these Met Costume Gala things for years now and I still only have a tenuous idea about what exactly this is for. As I understand it, this event is supposed to be like a fundraiser thing for the Met's Costume museum thing. What it's actually become over the years is a contest to see who can make the most glitzy splash on a red carpet in something absurdly over the top. They've begun to go to some bizarre lengths in the pursuit of those goals, as you've already seen in Katy Perry's post from earlier in the day. Me, I'm much more about the ladies who keep it classy and/or sexy with their fashions. I suppose it's fun for celebs to have fabric thrown at themselves in a fashion equivalent of a Pollack painting, but the rest of us need to get something out of the experience other than wondering where their heads are. This is why I was all about Irina Shayk, Hailee Steinfeld and Margot Robbie's appearance at this year's Met Costume Gala. They've got a mix of classy and sexy going on here sufficient to draw every eye in the place, with not a single ounce of batshittery in sight. That's the way you do it, folks.

Oh yeah, and Kate Upton is engaged now. My condolences to all you folks who never had a chance in hell of getting her anyway.

Kate Upton Engaged Met Gala 2016

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