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Rita Ora went for a JLo-Lite look at Fifty Shades Darker London premiere

02.10.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I don't think I know what Rita Ora really looks like. Sure, I have eyes and can see that she's a shapely woman with some stunning features but after following her for the past few years, I don't think she has her own style when it comes to appearing in the public eye. On occasion, she might wear a cap and scruffy jeans while going from the gym to a recording session, caught quickly by the paps but when she's on duty, like here at the London premiere of FIFTY SHADES DARKER, she looks like Jennifer Lopez, right down to that open mouthed bass pose that JLo is constantly doing. A couple of years ago Rita had that super bleached blonde hair look and sporty diva fashions that had her looking like a Gwen Stefani clone. And she even modeled for Madonna's fashion line, surely because Madge noticed that Rita was doing a Material Girl phase before that. This might be the reason why Rita's music has never really taken off (at least here in the States, where she's known but doesn't have one huge hit, per se. Or why even though she's been in movies, it's never to the degree where we want to start referring to her as an actress.
Source: Daily Mail


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