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Rita Ora wearing a dress that accentuates her rack

07.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

After the overwhelmingly positive response to Rita Ora's now classic (in my mind, anyway) Terry Richardson/Lui Magazine collaboration, it's no surprise she now – even more so than before – directs peoples attention to those breast, which, after being fully exposed to the world, many labeled as perfect – myself included. In some psychological studies when trying to correct people's tendencies towards certain types of behaviors, anytime the subject acts in accordance with the desired behavior, they are then rewarded with positive reinforcement. You know, the same way a parent potty trains their kid. Incentives work, and positive reinforcement is the incentive. My point is: because the British pop star's exploitative pictorial provided such an incentive, it's safe to assume we can expect more and more of Rita Ora's bare breasts; I suspect were not far off from her follow-up. Until then, you can drool over them in this sheer, unsupported dress.

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