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Rita Ora using her toned body to sell bikins

05.10.2016by: No Cool Handle

I wonder how Rita Ora feels about becoming less known for her musical prowess and more known for producing pulse-quickening images; she's even using that sexy ability for sales, now. These photos aren't from some promotional photo shoot, they are from the Tezenis catalog for their summer swimwear collection named after Rita Ora herself. This British babe gets hotter with each passing season; just check out the pelvic region. Her body looks almost twice as toned since the (now classic) Lui Magazine shoot. So good, I imagine Tezenis' hopes of capitalizing on her modicum of fame is producing like gangbusters. They did leave an important element of their strategy: they should have, like so many apparel companies nowadays, released a Lookbook. That's basically a sexy photo shoot created for the sole purpose of enticing prospective consumers. As it stands, the limited number of photos released is kind of a drag seeing how they merely wet the appetite. Still, this women is so damn hot even a limited set of photos begs to be seen.

Source: Tezenis


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