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Rita Ora sells Rita Ora bras using Rita Ora's boobs

03.03.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Rita Ora certainly knows her audience. This Friday the singer is debuting a line of lingerie that she created for the Tezenis brand and she's made the wise decision to use the model she knows everyone wants to see most - herself. My main complaint with the release of these teaser photos is that they're limited to Rita's top half, which ain't half bad but also doesn't include her pert derriere and that's a shame. I'm hoping that when the final glossies of these pics get released there will be some full body action going on. After all, how else will Rita Ora fans find their own release?

There has been another shot of Rita from her upcoming ad campaign with the makeup company Rimmel... and they too have decided that Ora is only important from the rib cage up. Sure, they're only selling the goods on her face but if you want people's attention, go hard and get people's attention.

Source: The Sun


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