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Rita Ora put her best assets forward at the Tom Ford fashion show

09.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

With so many beautiful women on the Internet, picking an absolute, without a doubt, number one favorite is practically impossible. Even if I could offer you something definitive, putting any one a hottie at the top of a laminated list is folly. The volatile way in which a fresh batch of sexy pics can easily sway one's opinion is difficult to combat. But ever since Rita Ora's Lui Magazines spread, I often consider her to be my favorite; my desire for her runs marrow-deep. You know you're obsessed when fantasies go well beyond that of fragmented sexual scenarios and into romantic sentiment. How I would love to be the one who she deems worthy enough to open her doors, cater to her every whim and be on her arm as she attends the Tom Ford fashion show (I'll bet she's wearing a matching pair of invisible panties to go with her invisible bra). Rita Ora needn't steal my heart, I'd give it to her willingly.

Source: HawtCeleb


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