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Rita Ora proves that lingerie isn't only for the bedroom

10.10.2016by: No Cool Handle

Whether she knows it or not, Rita Ora is out there working for us. The more she shows a propensity for wearing the kind of attire usually reserved for life's most intimate moments, the more other hotties will be inspired to do the same. How great would it be if wearing see-through lingerie in the place of a garden-variety cocktail dress was the new norm? No dress – I don't care if it was made from sanctified silk – is as sexy as clothing specifically designed to evoke lustful desires, and no hottie is better suited to be at the forefront of this trend than a natural beauty like Rita Ora. Those perfect tits were on display, only covered with cloth thick enough to provide protection from public indecency laws but not enough to hide those nipples from plain sight. Of course, there will be those who view her brazen ways unfavorably, but try to look at this from a logistical standpoint. Why wouldn't a young hottie in her prime take every opportunity to show off just how perfect her parts are. She's proud enough to show and we're not too proud to admit we love to look.

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