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Rita Ora makes wearing lingerie in public the new norm

12.16.2016by: No Cool Handle

The obvious question must be asked: What the hell is Rita Ora doing wearing pasties? Since when does she give two shits about showing her nipples? This is hardly the first time the stellar hottie has chosen to wear lingerie in place of standard eveningwear; I'm pretty sure she considers a socially acceptable cocktail dress and revealing undergarments – usually reserved for private encounters with that special someone – one and the same. There's nothing in her history of hotness to indicate she ever distinguish between the two. It was no surprise she showed up to promote her branded line of Tezenis lingerie wearing something from the collection; but why choose such a high profile moment to be coy? There's no rhyme or reason to her behavior. Please tell me all of slut shaming, suffered at the hands of Internet trolls, hasn't gotten to her. Leave it to a bunch of angry, sexually repressive f**ktards to spoil it for everyone who actually enjoys the freewheeling views Rita's been known to provide. There's still plenty of sexiness to be seen in these images, though. However much the lingering feeling of being incomplete remains. This event was prime for some see-through action, only to be undone by tape.

Extra Tidbit: Damn! Those legs!
Source: Got Celeb


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