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Rita Ora looks damn hot, no matter what she's doing

08.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

We've seen Rita Ora running around New York in outfits that are never anything less than sexy. It makes me curious; there's been more candids released these past few weeks than I can keep up with. Did a celebrity photographer accidentally stumble on the location of Rita's dwelling and has been camping out in front of it ever since? Is there more than one? How do they decide which one follows the spandex clad Brit on her afternoon bike ride and who stands post on the sidewalk, waiting for some nice midriff shots? What's not in question is why they do it. Because Rita Ora wears shirts that are so sheer – ditto for her bra – she has to cover her nipples with what I guess are designer pasties that look like scratch and sniff stickers. This is on a day when she's not wearing spandex which perfectly outline her tight, scrumptious booty, of course. I'm not big into fashion, but I find myself excited with anticipation for what Rita Ora is going to show up in public wearing next – the girl never disappoints.


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