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Rita Ora knows how to launch a new collection of lingerie

11.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's been a little over a year since Rita Ora first signed on the become Tezenis' most valuable asset. It was around this time, back in 2015, the world witnessed the results of her initial collaboration with the Italian lingerie company – and while it was a strong start, you couldn't escape the fact that there was still plenty of sexy possibilities yet to be explored. Rita is the kind of hottie who imposes very few limitations – it's one of the reason she's remained atop my watchlist (among many other obvious reasons) – so, you have to wonder why a company, who's paying premium dollar for a world-class babe, didn't come out of the gate with a collection of super-sheer lingerie; something like we see in this set of photos. Apparently, Rita Ora also felt an appearance in something see-through was a bit overdue and took matters into her own hands. This was just another chance for the prolific pop singer to prove, publicly, she's the real deal; a true sex symbol of the iconic persuasion.

Source: Tezenia


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