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Rita Ora is business up front, party on the sideboob in New York

06.25.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Rita Ora certainly is trying to be a different shade of Rihanna these days. The British beauty was seen out and about in New York wearing what looked like a fairly conservative dress until you got a eyeful of the side view, making her second to the Bahamian babe's usual state of bralessness that tends to veer into the "I don't care if you see me topless" terrain on a weekly basis. Now I'm hearing that Ora has a new song with Chris Brown coming out and she's making some statements about him being "a good person." I tend to praise those who cut my checks as well but that's just getting a bit ridiculous, ain't it? Ora has a variety of alternatives to her semi-middling singing career, most of which are based on the fact that she's hot and has that amazing breathy British accent, making her excellent fodder for more movie roles. In fact, I might prefer it if the only words coming out of her mouth were written for her by someone else because the monkeys behind the typewriters in her brain are clearly having some production issues.
Source: Hollywood Life


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