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Rita Ora in a short red slip is a sight to behold

07.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

Was there ever any doubt that Rita Ora is a major player in the attention game? If this past week of the curvaceous pop star being photographed in over half a dozen sexy outfits proves anything, it's this: she's sexy in perpetuity. Here she is in New York City with nothing between her and the air but a thin, red slip; something that looks more like lingerie than it does eveningwear. Man, I love confident woman who are this comfortable in their own skin. I hope there's nothing in her 'America's Next Top Model' hosting contract to prevent the brazen Brit from posing in her follow-up to that nude Terry Richardson shoot. Not that it matters, she's making a sexy spectacle out of herself almost every other day. I'm actually going to watch that asinine modeling competition just to see what eye-popping outfit Rita Ora is wearing. Recent history tells us she's gonna go all out.

Source: Got Celeb


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