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Rita Ora flashing her high beams may cause tangerine dreams

04.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

Maybe because the exhibitionist/pop singer Rita Ora has some medical condition, whether it be mental or physical, it causes her to continually leave her dwelling wearing as few articles of clothing as legally possible – I'll bet if she could get away with it, those blue denim jeans would be backless as well. Maybe it's time to rethink public indecency laws. If it's babes like Ms. Ora showing off nature's artwork, those outdated laws only serve to prohibit even more vivid visions of her tangerine-colored ta ta's and stifle the area of the brain where life like dreams manifest. Man, it's easy to wax lusty lyricism when looking at a wonderfully exposed woman like Rita Ora. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to send a signed petition to my Congressman so he can get a rough draft of that legislation going. F**k free the nipple; show your support for The Ora Act.

Source: NSFW


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