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Rita Ora flashes her high beams in a white jumper

02.09.2017by: No Cool Handle

Being a unabashedly loyal Rita Ora fan, I was hoping the brazen pop singer was going to kick off 2017 with a barnstorm campaign of hypersexualized content, made readily available for public consumption. Everything from boob-baring candid photos to half naked spreads, all of the things one wants to see from a hottie who has reached the highest peaks of sex appeal. How long she can maintain at such a high altitude is anybody's guess, but Rita strikes me as the kind of babe who's desirability won't be so easily diminished over time. The simple act of walking on the sidewalk turns into a not-to-be-missed photo op. The busty Brit went fully unsupported beneath her white jumper, the rack rivets fully engorged thanks to the combination of a drafty plunging neckline and the cool evening air. It may not be the bombardment of body, boobs and butt many of us are anticipating, but it's something.

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