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Rita Ora channels her inner stripper

01.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

It used to be the only place one would see this type outfit is in the strip club. But now, they're starting to become more frequent and aren't just for professional pole dancers any more. Selena Gomez wore something like this at the end of last year; then Jlo, and now, Rita Ora is donning the strategically cut dress. I think the big appeal is how it answers the question: I wonder if she's wearing panties under that dress? This new fashion trend responds to such a query with a resounding, Hell no! It's basically the plunging neckline for the crotch area - it's purpose is to show as much of the proximity as legally possible. And the best is still yet to come; the more emboldened other sexy starlets become and adopt this risqué fashion trend, the more frequent photographers will snap images of the inevitable lady nest flash. Then they'll have to start wearing something over the vag that's equivalent to nipple pasties ... pussties.

Extra Tidbit: Goddamn she's hot!
Source: Got Celeb


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