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Rita Ora can't seem to ditch her viciously hot bikini habit

01.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Are you sick of Rita Ora in swimwear yet? The singer has been relaxing after finishing up her judging duties on "The X Factor" by spending the past couple of weeks in Miami in a variety of bikinis & swimsuits that show off her sensational figure. After featuring her three times last week, I figured that our Ora fixation would run out of fodder but, - lo and behold - Rita pulls through once more with a flowery two-piece number. I'm having a minor bout with the sads that she's not wet or flashing her high beams but I suppose even Rita needs to dial down the hotness to give us a chance to recover. I foresee something slinky for a red carpet, definitely sans brassiere. Bring on awards show season!
Source: Mirror


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