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Rip into more Selena Gomez pics, now with semi see through body suit pokies

06.22.2015by: Droz

We left off Friday with some sexy shots of Selena Gomez sporting some rather perky tatas post workout. Those were good, but pale in comparison to your Monday afternoon's offering of Gomez gazongas in an almost see thru body suit. I'd really love to know how that thing fits her underneath those ripped up jeans, but I'll take the mouth-watering pokies she's rocking here as more than adequate compensation. Damn girl, what the hell have they been putting in your Fruit Loops lately to get you so sexed up for your public appearances? Whatever it is, they need to keep those doses coming. Gotta ensure these new avenues of hotness Selena is opening up continue to stretch far and wide. Sudden uptakes in celebrity show off moments like these have been known to become heralds for bigger and better hottie moments to come. Let's hope that's indeed the case and Selena one day soon finds the courage to shed her clothes entirely. And you know we're gonna bring those pics to you, should such a glorious day ever come.

Source: NSFW


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