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Rihanna's signature sheer sexiness while shooting her new video

03.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

I know in this politically correct day and age, saying Rihanna is one bad bitch may cause the more sensitive of you to finger wag. I don't care; I won't sacrifice a pefectly apt description of this pop star slash porn star for delicate sensibilities, being that I say it with love and lustful affection. She's one of the most sexually enlightened hotties walking the earth, seeing her every waking moment as an opportunity to ignite the most primitive of impulses in all who wish to gaze upon her form. In the case of her Miami based video shoot, that's the all male film crew surrounding her as she struts around in a lacy thong and the sheerest of robes. I think the gaffer, grip, even the f***ing director took their wages in trade on this day of shooting. Now if you'll excuse me, Miami is only a three hour drive from my house.

Source: NSFW


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