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Rihanna's nipples in honor of Lionel Richie

02.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's come to the point, when I see pictures of long time exhibitionist Rihanna, a Geico commercial plays out in my head. In this instance, it opens with her arriving at the 2016 MusiCares Person Of The Year with her tits in full view. And I don't mean lots of cleavage, side boob or boob cleft. I mean: Hey, there's Rihanna's tits; nipples and all. She passes through the narrow corridors, making her way backstage, not receiving even a single glance down from the men crossing her path. She takes a photo op with Pharrell and other famous vocalists, again, with not a single acknowledgement of her breasts. Then she just walks right out on stage and pays a vocal tribute to the great Lionel Richie, who also seems to not notice just how much of Rihanna is exposed. Then, a familiar voice chimes in: When you're Rihanna, you show your tits, it's what you do. If you want to save money on car insurance, you switch to Geico, it's what you do.

Source: NSFW


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