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Rihanna's bronzed nips on a night out

11.20.2015by: No Cool Handle

The polarizing Rihanna does not sacrifice comfort for cover whilst dining out. She was photographed leaving the Giorgio Baldi Restaurant in Los Angeles wearing a minidress that could easily be mistaken for a sexy something any other female (and Caitlin Jenner) would use to sleep in. I find myself forever helpless against the Baja singers seductive prowess and uninhibited proclivities. Call me simple or easily manipulated, but when I see shapes of pierced nipples covered in a thin layer of silky smooth fabric; it gets me going. Add to that the real possibility of no underware whatsoever, plus every inch of those truley tasty legs on full display, and you have a perfect storm of sexy, marred only by the faulty decision to make a baseball cap part of the ensemble. Still, there's so much hottness going on, it renders that minor blight a non-issue

Source: Got Celeb


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