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Rihanna serving up generous amounts of her curvy booty

06.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

There are increasingly negative opinions about Baja exhibitionist Rihanna of late. Or perhaps, in the grand tradition of the Internet, folks are much more vocal about people, subjects and things they tend to view negatively. This can cause the easily influenced to abandon their once lustful feelings about the selfless queen of selfies, and join the ranks of dissension – not I. There is not a case to be made nor an onslaught of hyperbolic, negative opinions that would give me cause to denounce my undying admiration for – what I perceive to be – one of the finest asses currently plastered all over social media. I appreciate Rihanna's generous ways far too much to turn my back on her just because her popularity begins to wane. Looking at this current crop of photos of her time spent in Barbados, I can honestly say without bias: reactions of awe and wonder are as potent now as when I first laid eyes on those hypnotic curves of hers. One thing in particular I like about this set: no wigs, hair coloring or gobs of make up. I dig the natural beauty above all else, and RiRi has that in spades.

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