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Rihanna needs a bigger boat, but still delivers some Bazaar bombs

02.05.2015by: Droz

Some rather interesting, if not bizarre JAWS references being made in Rihanna's latest magazine spread for Harper's Bazaar. No surprise that Rihanna would chose to be bizarre in Bazaar. I suppose the idea was to throw in a fun little movie theme to mix things up. However, all I can think about with this spread is Quint starring down the sights of a harpoon gun just off camera, debating on which one to shoot. I tend to think negatively of Rihanna most of the time. Her music sucks, as does her various antics done as part of her seemingly inexhaustible attention hounding. Despite all that, I'd still totally do her. I don't like anything about her, but she's nonetheless totally doable to me. Is that a guy thing? I don't think so. Women have their equivalents there, right? Those dudes who are scumbags yet could still totally bang them anyway. I suspect there are more than a few celebrities currently enjoying tons of fame and fortune thanks to the public's grudging desire to bang them. Clearly such hypocrisies aren't shared by the Carcharodon Carcharias. Otherwise he'd have Rihanna puking up her bloody guts instead of letting her float there like a hot bite of pizza. Probably a good move on Jaws' part, as I suspect a meal of Rihanna could result in a sour stomach.

Source: Harper's Bazaar


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