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Rihanna looked simply gorgeous at the 2017 Grammy Awards

02.14.2017by: No Cool Handle

​Rihanna is the kind of hottie who changes her look on a semi regular basis. For her appearance at the 2017 Grammy Awards she leaned towards a look of elegance – I love it when she does that. One of the reasons she doesn't hesitate to constantly change her flavor is because she can pull almost anything off. Sure, there's no visible nipple definition through her top nor glimpse of her panties, but the absence of such things provides an opportunity to focus on just how lovely Rihanna looks in an understated way. It's not like her sexiness suffers for it; her hot midriff exposed underneath an orange crop top makes for a nice bit of visual stimulus. And you just know this is but a brief intermission; it won't be long 'till this purveyor of T & A is back in the game, providing us with plenty of nipple piercings, boobs and bare bottoms. That's why love Rihanna: she can be either Princess or stripper.

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