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Rihanna favors her sexy midriff for the days bit of exposure

08.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

One thing you don't normally see is Rihanna going to work out. You know why? Because she's not. At least I don't think she is. I wouldn't doubt her outfit being something she wears to go shopping. Or maybe she's been a closet fitness enthusiast all along, although, seeing how she tends not to conceal anything else about her – or on her – I find it hard to believe RiRi here is private when it comes to her workout routine. I'm so confused. Hey, if she's really planning on hitting the gym, I hope her newfound appreciation for personal health is something she sticks to. But let's play the odds and assume this is really just another in a long line of off-kilter fashion choices. Used, in this instance, to draw attention to her awesome midriff and tight ass, rather than the boobage – they still look nice in that little top, though. I've said it before in other write-ups, I love seeing hotties who aren't so preened. I dig the hair up in a bun rather than those intricate, photo ready hairstyle that must take hours to complete. If any hottie in question needs more than a little make up; are they really that hot?

Her palms remind me of something

Source: NS4W


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