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Rihanna does another nipples out photoshoot for AnOther magazine

02.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Bondage is all the rage right now, what with that naughty book-to-film nonsense, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and of course, all of the fashion spreads, so why wouldn't Rihanna, known for pushing her own limits and everyone else's buttons, get in on the fun? This time, in a black and white shoot for AnOther magazine, RiRi paid tribute to designer Alexander McQueen in bondage style outfits, writhing around on the ground for the spread and basically looking as if she'd been given far too many opiates before the clicking began. If you'd like to look at the uncensored pierced nipple of Rihanna, CLICK HERE for the NSFW version on the magazine's official website. The issue also includes a feature on latest Bond Girl, Lea Seydoux, who hasn't had the splashy roll out like Rihanna (even though she's known for being a nudey-patooty as well).

Source: Hollywood Life


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