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Rihanna covered in sexy lingerie and a billow of smoke for CR Fashion Book

09.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

You know when two eccentric personalities like Terry Richardson and Rihanna get together, you're gonna get some photos that are both sexy and uncomfortably weird. Their latest collaboration for the CR Fashion Book is certainly both of those things, however, they could've sidestepped that weird landmine had they not included a photo of Ri Ri in see-through lingerie, holding some random baby – I fail to make the connection, here. One can only hope the baby wasn't in the studio when Rihanna sparked her blunt; that kid is too young to be getting a contact high. If you can look past the baby and blunt smoke, there's plenty of sexiness here to enjoy. Rihanna look so f**king hot in lingerie, I wish she would do a whole catalog for Fredericks of Hollywood or Victoria's Secret's or both – or, she can start her own line of naughty nighties and lacy braletts. I can only imagine the charge you'd get from walking into the bedroom and seeing a woman like Rihanna covered in seductive garments, sprawled out on satin sheets. That's if you can see her through all the weed smoke.

Source: CR


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