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Rihanna continuing her less is more approach to fashion

12.21.2015by: No Cool Handle

At the risk of sounding redundant, I'm gonna go ahead and say what I've said many times before; I love the way Rihanna approaches fashion. This is especially true when she is in the mood to sport a dress. She always picks thin variations of smooth fabrics like satin or silk. Added to that; there's never a bra strap or lacy cup to be found, paving the way for those fabrics to create beautiful topography of her lovely chest. Outlining every sloped curvature and barbell piercing to create eye straining images I never tire of looking at. I don't know what kind of food they serve at the Giorgio Baldi Restaurant but it must be something special. She frequents that place dressed to the nines, fully prepared to show off her latest and inspired selection of phallic fodder eveningwear. One more thing I always ask: was it so impossible to get one shot of her from behind in that satin number?

Source: Got Celeb


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