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Rihanna's backside fills out blue denim jeans beautifully

08.13.2015by: No Cool Handle

Looking at Rihanna's ass in either jeans or bikini bottoms and trying to decide which she looks better in is like trying to conclude which is better -The Godfather or The Godfather Two? There isn't - and never will be - a definitive answer. I think the best answer I can come up with would be; whichever one I'm currently staring at. Add to that her trademark, sheer, torpedo touting tank top, and you have everything you need to enact vivid, sexually explicit fantasies. Can you imagine the overbearing sense of accomplishment that would come with being the man, or woman, that leaves their teeth marks on those cheeks? We have enough bikini-clad Rihanna photos to last us to rapture; so one small request RiRi - if you will? Supply all us Internet onlookers with more images of you in form-fitting denim.

Source: Got Celeb


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