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"Righteous" Trailer!

03.08.2008by: Seth Gecko

Hey everybody and welcome to our weekend coverage here at It was a slow week but good things come to those who wait and this news was worth it for sure. Over at "Yahoo Movies" this morning, they've finally released the first official trailer to the new Jon Avnet thriller, "Righteous Kill" starring two men whom I've grown up watching my entire life and they are Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Seeing these two together again is a treat to all fans of motion picture (Especially those who love "Heat" like me). You may ask yourself though, what does this news have to do with hotties? Well, I'm glad you asked.

My reasoning behind posting this news here is because De Niro and Pacino aren't the only reason I want to see this movie so bad. The other reason is to watch the truly orgasmic Carla Gugino do what she does best, shake what her mamma gave her. Actually, she's really turned out to be a great actress and I love seeing her on the screen. She's smokin' hot as most would agree and from the looks of the trailer, she's going to be getting quite steamy in some parts of the film. If she has a wicked nude sex scene at some point, this could be the greatest movie ever combined with the presence of De Niro and Pacino.

So as per tradition once again, I've gone and captured a few stills from the trailer that feature Carla looking SO HOT! They really need to feature her more in the next trailer so let's cross our fingers for that. I'm not exactly sure what she's doing in the last photo but I'll tell you one thing, it looks naughty. So to check out the trailer, click here and make sure you check out the HD caps below by clicking on each one. "Righteous Kill" hits theatres everywhere on September 12, 2008.

Source: Yahoo! Movies!
Tags: Carla Gugino


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