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05.06.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Coming on the heels of her recent comments that actresses who choose to play strippers in movies are idiots, Christina Ricci is deciding to make the transition out of sex symbol and into family film star. That's right... no more skimpy outfits, no more boobs, no more cursing. It'll kind of be like taking her into a time warp and watching CASPER over and over again.

Ricci was quoted as saying: ďI wanted to do a kids movie again. I wanted to do a family film. There are so many family movies for kids but they donít actually teach you anything. Speed Racer really stresses integrity and morals and a love of family, and thatís something I think is really important and a trend we need to bring back.Ē

SPEED RACER is going to teach us something? That you can take a corny and crappily drawn cartoon and bastardize it into some high tech digital clusterf*ck which appeals to the young generation of kids raised on high-speed internet, fast food carb and sugar ladened "Hyperactive" meals and parents who threaten to sue their kids' school if their child doesn't get an "A" or a trophy or some other goodie otherwise their self-esteem is permanently damaged? Nah... what am I saying? This is no knock against Christina, mind you. She can keep making "family" movies and stand true to her word. I just have a different definition of what's appropriate for a family, I suppose.


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