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Rhys the Matter?

06.04.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Well boys... Sienna Miller is single once more. So as long as you've got a sense of humour, you might be a viable candidate for replacing her previous beau, Rhys Ifans. Either that or a promising career for her to piggyback and then leave you balding and kissing that gross daughter of Rod Stewart.

The Sun is reporting that Miller dumped Ifans after she found out that he went through her text messages. Ifans was supposedly jealous over Miller's contact with her old boyfriend, Matthew Rhys. Is the UK like Korea and there are only a handful of names that are given out to males? I kid. I'm an Anglophile like the best of them. I know there's at least two handfuls.

I'm usually pretty vocal about my dislike of Sienna. I don't know the woman personally, but she's gotten on my nerves from the first time I saw her, as if my immune system was kicking in some automatic defense to her. Nothing's improved my feelings towards her over the years. Oh well, there's always Sienna Guillory. I can do the same name game too.

Source: The Sun


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