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Rhian Sugden is obviously proud of her bust

08.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

Rhian Sugden and her betrothed chose to spend some vacation time in Turkey. When he wasn't busy rubbing lotion on her tits, she was busy putting them out there for all the local inhabitants to see. This popular British babe has appeared topless in so many different Page 3 and Zoo Magazine spreads you may have thought candid photos of her in a one piece would have less of an impact – they don't. She's become so proficient at making a spectacle out of herself – at the same time, making filling out swimsuits with her enormous boobs an art form – one can't help but continually be impressed. Seriously, it's not easy to make a one piece bathing suit as sexy as a bikini, but damn if the sultry blonde doesn't pull that shit off. There were probably a lot of fellows on the beach that day, her fiancé included, that had to concentrate with zen-like focus in order to keep their "excitement" at bay. Some probably had to spend the whole day sitting down. Rhian has it like that; she knows it; she's proud of it

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