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Rhian Sugden filling out bikini tops has lasting appeal

08.16.2016by: No Cool Handle

Zoo magazine may be a thing of the past, but thanks to the ease in which pictures spread, relying on publications for a Rhian Sugden fix is also a thing of the past. In regards to these images, one of the downsides is... sometimes the boy toy makes his way into the shot; something Zoo would never allow. That, and there would also be a lot more bare bosom on display. Rhian, a gal who's been around for more than a minute, has held up remarkably well; it's hard to find an area that looks even a tad worse for the wear. That frame is as petite as ever, offset by her large -- and perfectly all natural -- British boobs. Staying relevant amongst a roster of Page 3 players like Rosie Jones, Lucy Pinder and Chloe Goodman is no easy feat, but you'd never know it based off of how easy Ms. Sugden makes it look. Speaking of Page 3: There's a fairly recent collaboration that yielded some fresh topless pics of the resilient blonde. Just saying, it might be worth a quick hit on Google.

Source: NS4W


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