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Renee Somerfield loses her bikini for a secluded shoot in the Maldives

07.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

Every time Renee Somerfield and Maxim Australia collaborate, bikini tops tend to disappear, followed closely by the bottoms; so it went for last summer's shoot, so it goes for the summer of 2016. She reveals in her interview that these photos came to fruition while on another shoot to promote her own line of beachwear called Somerfield Swim. Side note: if you're a diehard fan of the hard bodied Aussie, I suggest you frequent that site. Not only is it her line but she models almost every swimsuit they sell – a brilliant sales strategy, if you ask me. You can only imagine how awesome it must be to date a swimwear magnate like Renee. She tries on and model thousands of skimpy bikinis; this would make offering opinions and critiques on each and every one part of your kept man duties. Just take a look at that sand covered body and tell me you wouldn't do that job for free.

Source: Maxim AU


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