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Renee Olstead's pinup skills could give Betty Grable a run for her money

05.10.2016by: Droz

Pinups are one of my favorite things. I just love the style of them and the fun, upbeat way they celebrate fine ass women. They're a throwback to a more confident time when everything seemed possible and everyone just knew how best to present a beautiful woman. The inherent goodness of the pinup style is one reason it's never really gone anywhere. Decades fall away, but they keep coming back to the pinup look. Just take Renee Olstead's diversely styled spread here. She's the perfect subject for this kind of imagery. She's got the perfect kind of full ass, full boobs and full thighs to squeeze into some retro gear from the heyday of pinup goodness. Good to see Renee keeping the genre alive in such grand fashion.

Source: Katuty


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