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Renee Olstead looking hot as hell for Pin Up Girl

04.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

These are schizophrenic times were living in. Even with feminist outrage all over social media and political correctness, well ... everywhere, clothing lines like Pin Up Girl are exploiting women to sell women's clothing. I'm not sure if Renee Olstead bending over in a pair of booty shorts will better sell [their] apparel to women on the fence about a purchase, but I honestly don't care. I'm just so damn glad these photos exist. This is one hot mega collection of ass and titties; a fine pair of famous titties like Renee Olstead's, no less.

It's impossible to predict which hottie is going to gain the kind of notoriety they all seek. Right now, everyone's going crazy over Ariel Winter because of her ginormous jugs, but Miss Olstead – a hottie who's been around for a much longer time and possesses an equally awesome, if not superior, set of tits – can't seem to gain any traction when it comes to widespread infatuation. Even if these photos fail to help Pin Up Girl's bottom line, their existence is justified if for no other reason than to prove Renee Olstead is the total package; one we should all shift our collective attention towards.

Source: Pin Up Girl


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