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Renee Olstead looked red hot in her 70s retro style

02.22.2016by: Droz

I like Renee Olstead's throwback look in these pics of her hanging out in a similarly retro bar. I'm enthusiastic about any opportunity to be sexy Renee takes advantage of, although it is a little weird that some of these pics are disturbingly similar to images of my mom doing her disco queen thing back in the day. That's always posed a problem for my ability to appreciate movies from the 70s or modern day recreations of what the hotties looked like back in those days. Some might have unfettered appreciation for the powerful draw of feathered hair or the way their fondness for going braless under silk attire facilitated so many delightful pokies situations. Unfortunately for me, such looks bring up all sorts of memories of my parents waxing nostalgic over their salad days while flipping through stacks of dusty photo albums. Not exactly the most arousing of memories. Fortunately Renee looks nothing like my mom, so I think I can manage to ignore the similarities and appreciate the many great things setting her apart from the rest.

Source: Superior Pics


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