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Renee Olstead is the queen of va-va-voom in a slinky red dress

09.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I know at some point Renee Olstead was a little bit thicker than she is today, something that I attributed to her being a teenager who grew into some impressive curves while she was working on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." So I guess it shouldn't be surprising to me that she would be at the launch of an "inclusive" fashion line, started by one of Kylie Jenner's buddies, a young woman named Jordyn Woods. Woods has worked with Boohoo to kick off a fashion campaign available in sizes 2-22, something normally unheard of when they're shilling these frocks. Most of the time the cut off is around 14 or 16 and then they create a whole other slew of designs and cuts that they think the bigger girls want to wear. So it's cool that there's going to be a way for teen girls who look up to these "celebrities" to buy what they have, no matter where they come from or what level of fitness they're at. I still kinda wish there was of Renee's famous cleavage on display, but she still looks damn good in this red dress with the high slit, showing off her freckled pale legs.
Source: Saw First


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