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Renee Olstead chooses to return to the red

01.07.2016by: Droz

One thing longtime fans of Renee Olstead often lament is the loss of her natural red hair, which was once such a vital aspect of her appeal not so long ago. Renee just wasn't the same after she went blonde. My fellow redhead junkies will be happy to see that Renee finally listened to all the fan outcry and washed out that silly blonde, allowing her glorious red to shine through once again and instantly adding a stunning new glow to Renee. Now that I've given voice to my red hair obsession, the truth is that Renee was always hot. She's not one who's hotness depended on the color of her hair. It's pretty much the entirety of her body and the way she handles herself that always made her hotness happen. Having that red hair back is merely a nice cherry on top of her sexy sundae.

Source: NSFW


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