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Remember when Vern from Stand By Me interviewed Cinderella, aka Lily James?

01.29.2016by: Droz

Poor Jerry O'Connell. The guy hasn't been the fat kid from STAND BY ME in 30 years, but no matter how old he gets or how good a shape he's in, Jerry will still always be dumbass Vern to a whole generation of people. That might very well be why you don't see a whole lot from Jerry anymore. A gig he has managed to get for himself is interviewer to current flavors of the month like Lily James here, who's got her movie PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES coming out soon. I've seen some varying opinions on Lily, but I think she's adorable. One of my favorite new faces from 2015 right here. I don't know what's not to like. She's got a pretty face, a sweet smile, a nicely put together bod, and a pleasant personality. I never actually saw CINDERELLA, because for a guy like myself that would be akin to torture. However, she looks like the perfect person to play that role. I'm sure she'll be the perfect person to play a Victorian aristocrat menaced by the undead as well, but fortunately for her it looks like she's breaking out of that historical genre by appearing in Edgar Wright's upcoming heist movie BABY DRIVER. Wouldn't want someone so lovely to be typecast into obscurity like Jerry there.

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