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Remember to hydrate when checking out Rey Robiin

11.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

Of all the fresh hotties recruited by 138 Water, Rey Robiin shows the most potential for expanding her career well beyond the bounds of selling overpriced H2O. Even on a robust search engine like Google, it's hard to find information on the raven-haired beauty; she truly has been plucked from obscurity. These few shoots for 138 and a small social media footprint are the only evidence of her existence. It's a wonder she hasn't been poached by another company who benefits from exploiting beauty – lingerie, bikini or beer. Curious, isn't it? Perhaps it's Rey Robiin who's carefully picking the right moment to ascend; cruising at an altitude that doesn't necessarily keep for off the rader, just prevents her from being easily spotted until she can figure out a strong flightpath. And although we don't know the exact coordinates as of yet, odds are she won't be going anywhere but up.

Source: The Superficial


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