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Remember that time Wonder Woman saved Captain Kirk from drowning?

04.04.2016by: Droz
Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Movie

So filming has begun for the standalone WONDER WOMAN movie, where its stars, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, were filming some scene involving Chris's character washing ashore on WW's island. Some of this was referenced briefly in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. Not to get too spoilery, but part of WW's story in BvS is that she decided to hide her wondrousness for a century or so, due to some unpleasant experiences she has in the early 20th century. I can only assume that's a reference to WWI, which connects both to an important part of BvS and the things happening here in these photos.

I'm still kinda iffy on how well these standalone Justice League character movies are going to go. If they handle it right, it could work. For instance, Wonder Woman bending over in tiny skirts is a good first move. That's gonna draw the young male crowd, while Amazons on horseback kicking ass should entertain the female empowerment advocates. What about Aquaman though? Oh dear, I'm not sure about that one. Although an armada of giant squids and fleets of Great White Sharks, lead by a trident-wielding god of the sea amassing them all to do battle against evil forces, does sound rather bad ass. Again, they just have to play it right. We'll see how these go starting next year. Fingers crossed.

Wonder Woman Horseback Green Screen
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