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Reese Witherspoon was radiant on the 2016 TIFF red carpet for Sing

09.12.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Reese Witherspoon and her big, animated grins will never get old to me. Considering that the actress is now 40-years old and still looks as good as she did during the start of her career, it seems as if Reese herself is never going to get old. I know people who don't like her because of the weird little fit that she threw when she and her husband were pulled over by a cop a few years back but honestly? I like that it made her a more human personality rather than just another high-profile Hollywood face. Hell, it even reminded me of her role in FREEWAY and only made me like her just a little more as a real person. Witherspoon was on hand for the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival as a part of the promotion for her upcoming movie SING, an animated movie about an animal "American Idol" type contest. The film also features voice talent from Scarlett Johansson, Matthew McConaughey, Nick Offerman and Taron Egerton, who is probably the one who will get me into the theaters to watch the thing. Gotta have some way to get my fix of that charming kid before the next KINGSMAN movie.
Source: Pop Sugar


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