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Red Bull should pay for the rights to Laura Vandervoort's ass

03.30.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I should probably disclose that I myself have a tramp stamp, so you won't think that I'm condescending to the tattoo hovering over the perk derriere of former "Smallville" star, Laura Vandervoort. Unlike the wings that the fit blonde sports, I have an entirely different emblem (the BMW logo - no joke) that is more directly related to its source material than Laura's. Still, if Red Bull really does give you wings and if you want people to associate your toxic (but tasty, oh so f*cking tasty) bull semen derived beverage with being a hot piece of tail, then I say pay the lady! Until then, look forward to Laura appearing again on that other heroic show, "Supergirl," when she reprises her role as Indigo in April. 
Extra Tidbit: No, of course the taurine in your energy drinks isn't bull spunk. But made you look!
Source: TMZ


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