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Red and green make Jessica Chastain

01.06.2016by: Droz

The National Board of Review, which sounds like some kind of government bureaucracy but is actually a film society, brought together a bunch of famous folks for their annual gala stroking event last night. Among the hotties in attendance was our beloved Jessica Chastain dressed complementary in a silky green number to help that red hair pop especially well. Jessica is one of those hotties who has class just oozing off of her like a delicious sap straight from the source. Even in her movies she's always a cut above everyone else, both in looks and talent. Actually, the looks part doesn't always serve her well in some of her movies. Maybe it's just my love of the redheads, but sometimes I'm a little challenged when it comes to her portrayal of certain roles. I don't know if I ever quite got into the groove with her as an astronaut in THE MARTIAN. Astronauts aren't supposed to look that striking. Same thing with her in ZERO DARK THIRTY. CIA agents are average dudes in nondescript clothing, not raging, redheaded, control freaks. It's a good thing Jessica is such a talented actress. Otherwise she'd play nothing but beautiful women in evening gowns. I have no trouble believing her in that role.

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