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Rebecca Romijn breaks out the cleavage for Elle's Women in TV Celebration

01.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Rebecca Romijn will NEVER not be hot. As the anonymous haters on the internet go to town with tearing apart aging actresses & models from their jaded youth, I will fight to the death for the honor of Romijn. While she's never been the most high caliber of actresses, Rebecca has always had a fun, open, interesting personality. She smiles on the red carpet instead of attempting to "smize" or whatever the f*ck they call the face that JLo makes. She laughs and jokes and seems to love her lot in life, whether it's people standing true regarding her being the hottest Mystique or starring in TV shows with SyFy quality CGI. She's one of those celebrities that you know would be awesome to hang out with. And here at the 6th Annual Women in Television special event dinner/celebration that Elle magazine hosted last week, Rebecca made everyone hate sheer shoulder straps with a passion they didn't realize they held against sheer shoulder straps. I only wish that they'd find more excuses to have Jennifer Lawrence morph into Rebecca. Now THAT would be a television show worth suffering through.
Source: CelebMafia


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